Career Academies

The Bridges Career Academies offer students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to explore a career pathway while preparing for employment and/or post-secondary education.   The Academies’ curriculum provides students personalized, practical, and integrated learning experiences. Academy courses are project-based with hands-on learning activities that combine technical, academic and work-skills related to a specific career. Students enrolled in the Academies take class at their high school, receiving high school, and, in some cases, college credit.

By enrolling in a Bridges Career Academy students:

  • Strengthen their academic skills AND gain marketable work skills.
  • Become better prepared for college and/or employment in high skill, high demand or high wage careers.
  • Participate in business and industry experiences.
  • Earn a certificate and special honor cord recognition at graduation.

Contact Bridges Teachers, Counselors or  the “High School Course Registration Guide” for more information.

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The Bridges Career Academies are coordinated by Central Lakes College, and supported by Central Lakes College, the Brainerd Lakes Area Chamber, the Carl Perkins Consortium and the Otto Bremer Foundation.