Brainerd’s Hospitality Career Academy

One in three Americans got their first job in the restaurant industry, and many take that opportunity to build life long careers. Brainerd High School is now offering a Hospitality Career Academy that is enhanced with ProStart principles.

This Hospitality Career Academy offers students:

  • A strong academic foundation AND marketable skills, including oral and written communications, customer relations, guest retention, teamwork and time management, as well as practical skills necessary to gain entry-level employment or the basic knowledge to continue on to higher education.
  • A successful professional mentor for each school, offering a vital connection for students needing a reference or referral for that first job.
  • The ability to earn a certificate and receive an honor cord and special recognition at high school graduation.
  • “First in line” opportunities for local hospitality jobs and internships
  • The opportunity to participate in state and national competitions
  • Eligibility for industry scholarships (depending on the high school’s program)

Academy Courses

  • Culinary Arts I (1 High School Credit)
    This beginning foods course focuses on kitchen safety, meal planning and food preservation. Topics include kitchen safety, food sanitation, and nutrition, using local foods and selection and use of equipment. Food preparation experiences will include fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry. Consumer awareness of factors affecting cost and nutrition with cooking will be stressed.
  • Creative Foods (1 High School Credit)
    Students will study creative food preparation, restaurant style presentation and techniques will be the focus of each unit. Students will learn about food safety and sanitation; measuring techniques; tools and terms of recipes; and creative food preparation techniques. They must pass a kitchen and food safety test to participate in lab. Units of study will include safety and sanitation, kitchen basics, chocolate, cake decorating, appetizers, pastry, herbs and spices, coffee and teas, and ethnic cuisine.
  • Accounting I (1 High School Credit)
    Accounting is the language of business and a systematic record of business transactions. It is also used every day in our personal lives to pay bills, balance checkbooks, pay taxes, and so on. Students can use these courses in the following ways: Vocational education (keeping records for someone), self-employment (keeping your own records for business), personal use and ground work for college study. In this course students use a bookkeeping system with journals and ledgers, prepare worksheets, and record transactions.
  • Introduction to Business  (1 High School Credit)
    This course gives students an understanding of what is necessary to manage a successful business and the importance of business in our global economy. Students will explore how managing a business differs in various cultures around the world. Students will develop a plan to start a new business.

Academy Completion Standard

Students wishing to receive a certification for this academy must complete Culinary Arts I and Creative Foods as well as ONE of the two of the following business courses: Accounting I OR Introduction to Business. Students must pass all courses with 80% or better.

Business and Industry Experiences

Students will be working with a local chef, listen to guest speakers, tour local resorts and businesses, attend a Career Fair and listen to a variety of business related videos.

Job Skills

In addition to having technical skills, employers expect their workers to have other skills such as:

  • Active Listening and Speaking Skills
  • Ability to Work as a Member of a Team
  • Oral and Written Communications Skills
  • Ability to Work With Customers

Careers Options

Specialists Chef, Pastry Chef, Short Order Preparation Specialist, Caterer, Event Food Planner, Restaurant Manager, Hospitality Event Specialist, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Food Service Manager, Food and Wine Specialist, Convention Planners, Resort Managers, Front Desk Agents, Hotel and Motel Management, Accountants, Business Managers, Administrative Service Managers, Agents, Customer Service Agents, Supervisors, Marketing Agents, Administrative Assistants, Bookkeepers, Office Managers, Human Resources

Job Outlook

Resort business positions 33% growth for Central Minnesota

Postsecondary Programs

Please check at for colleges that offer educational programs for this Career Academy such as: Anoka Technical College, Central Lakes College, M State Community College, Century College, North East Hibbing Community College, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, DeVry College, Ridgewater Community College, Rochester Community and Technical College, St. Cloud Technical and Community College, Southwest Minnesota State University, Hennepin Technical College, Alexandria Technical and Community College, St. Cloud State University, Normandale Community College