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Help your students play!

Historically, Bridges has hosted the Career Exploration Day, an annual special event offering more than 2,500 high school students from 28 local school districts a unique way to meet business professionals and explore careers. During Covid-19, Bridges developed on online portal to allow students an opportunity to explore the hundreds of careers available to them and to better understand local career options.

How to use this site


  • Start by vising the Career Board page. This is the "game board" of the virtual experience.
  • Click on any industry name to learn more about that industry.
    • Click on any flipping ‘career card’ to learn more about a career.
    • Encourage students to play any Career Skills Activity they find on a career page.
  • Visit the Career Help page to identify your skills and interests.

Instructors, enhance student learning by:

Using this website as:

  • an individual, class, or small group class activity by having students complete the Game Card for extra credit, an assignment, or class project
  • a career pathway career experience requirement
  • a class lesson in student-teacher advisory time
  • an AVID classroom activity (individual or team assignments)

Hold preparatory student discussions, such as:

  • the type of lifestyle their career choices might provide
  • the effect that post-secondary education can have on employment and salary
  • your own experiences in the job market and your career planning process
  • the importance of career management as a life-long process

Post website/follow-up:

  • Invite guest speakers to talk about their career journeys and the importance of goal setting
  • Invite employers, or workforce professionals to your class to discuss the world of work, the importance of career management, and employer expectations.

Visit the Educators Resource page for more ideas!

Program goal

To promote regional career opportunities by leading and encouraging students to
explore pathways that meet their skills, interests and abilities

Features of Bridges career exploration experience:

  • The website offers 10 industries from our communities to explore, featuring 110 popular local careers.
    • Links for related careers expand the potential exploration to include more than 500 additional possible career options.
  • Register for a campus tour of CLC or MSTATE. (Limited busing reimbursement is also available.)
  • Interactive, career-based skills labs, simulations and activities (labeled as Career Skills Activity) offer students virtual insight into what each career is like.
    • These activities aren't supposed to be instructive (teaching the students knowledge or a skill), but rather offer an interactive sample of what future education/experiences in this career field might be like.

This Bridges initiative is funded in part by Sourcewell and the Central Lakes Perkins Consortium. The Brainerd Lakes Chamber appreciates its continued partnerships with Central Lakes College on this project.