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Help Expand!

Please help review the existing content on career exploration experience website AND suggest new information (careers, links, videos, etc), as well as share your ideas for fun, new live streaming activities for the March 4th kick off, as well as the month of March.

Learn more about how this virtual career exploration experience is used in the classroom.


  • Friday, Jan 14: provide any new content (career suggestions, new video links, etc), changes/edits to existing pages and/or suggestions for careers and interesting facts for the LIVE March 4th game show
  • Friday, Jan 21: suggestions of CONCEPTS for live events/activities throughout the month of March
  • Friday, Jan 28: provide links/suggestions to any new interactive, web-based simulations or games (Career Skills Activity) that highlight the types of work done in your industry.  (For example, the automotive industry uses Electude web-based software to do simulations of various technician functions like building an engine or reviewing an exhaust system.)
  • Friday, Feb 4: finalize logistics of LIVE events/activities; Liberal Arts & military videos due



As of Jan 24, 2022, the site is only available by logging in. To set up a log in and password, simply go to the home page ( and scroll to the bottom. Under the login and password boxes, click on the "Set up your log in & password here!" link...

Business partners -- select "Business Partner" as your school; CLC or MState, select your appropriate school.

Note that this log in process undergoing active testing, and may change between now and March 4. If you have questions about this process, contact Kathy.



1) Industry information — Visit the game board ( and select your industry. Review/check industry information and suggest edits/changes (Deadline: Edits/Ideas due Jan. 14)

2) Careers
A) Review the current careers and suggest new careers. (Deadline: Edits/Ideas due Jan. 14)
Guidelines for new career suggestions:

  • New Career suggestions have to have real employment potential in the Brainerd Lakes Area
  • Careers must have related information in CareerWise ( and have WAGES & OUTLOOK information for NW MN
  • Note: all suggested careers may not be added. The Chamber/CLC will review all suggestions and be the final say for additional careers.

B)  Career Skills Activity — Review the game (Career Skills Activity), if one is available, for each career in your industry. Verify the link still works and game is appropriate for that career. If no game is available for a career, we encourage you to suggest an online game. (Deadline: Ideas due Jan. 28)
Guidelines for new games:

  • Online activities should be BROWSER-based (html5) and not require an additional log in or any downloads.
  • Online activities should not take more than a few minutes to complete and be easy enough for a 9th grader to understand (ie: no prerequisite knowledge or education is needed)
  • Suggestions of new software is welcome and will be considered.

C) Videos — Review career-specific videos/links (right side of any specific career page). Verify links work and suggest any new video links. (Deadline: Ideas due Jan. 14)

3) Sample Career to be featured LIVE — As a new LIVE component to this career exploration experience, we will provide schools with a snapshot of 10 careers, sharing interesting facts in an engaging, game show-like format. This program will kick-off the virtual experience for schools on March 4th. Business representatives or faculty will be hand-selected to "play the role" for this production, and by offering an idea you are not committing to be on camera.

  • Help us determine which career should be highlighted and what facts about that career should be shared.

(Deadline: Ideas due Jan. 14)

4) Other LIVE components to consider — We’re asking every industry to think of a creative way to virtually interact with students on March 4, or throughout the month of March. We are surveying schools right now to find out the best timing of live events, but are interested in any ideas you may have to strengthen the live component of this virtual activity. (Deadlines: Concepts due Jan. 21; logistics finalized by Feb. 4)

For additional information, contact:

Kathy Moore
Director of Workforce Development

Rebekah Kent Ehlebracht
Dean of Brainerd Career & Technical Programs and Customized Training

For the past 13 years, the Bridges Career Academies & Workplace Connection has hosted the Career Exploration Day, an annual special event offering more than 2,500 high school students from 28 local school districts a unique way to meet business professionals and explore careers. Due to Covid-19, Bridges is again unable to safely hosting this event. Instead, the Brainerd Lakes Chamber, in partnership with Central Lakes College, is offering students an opportunity to explore the hundreds of careers available to them and to better understand local career options — all online.

This Bridges project was funded in part by Sourcewell and the Central Lakes Perkins Consortium. The Brainerd Lakes Chamber appreciates the partnerships of Central Lakes College with this initiative.