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Leadership Council

The role of the Bridges Leadership Council is to provide strategic direction and operational oversight of the organization. The Council is comprised of regional businesses and educational professionals. Business representatives and school administrators serve up to two, three year terms. Other positions will be permanent, and will be filled by the person holding that position within the organization.

Current members include:

Chair, Lisa Paxton, Little Pine Holdings, LLC (business representative)
Matt KilianBrainerd Lakes Chamber (President, Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce)
Hara Charlier, Central Lakes College (CLC President)
Christina Landree, Pro Staff (business representative)
Paul DrangeSourcewell (formerly NJPA) (partner)
Jill Casper, Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union (business representative)
Tim BjorgeLittle Falls School District (school administrator)
Andrea Rusk, Brainerd School District (school administrator)
Steve Christenson, Ascensus (business representative)
Tim Houle, Widseth (business representative)
Mary Ward (Central Lakes Perkins Consortium)
Paul Preimesberger, Central Lakes College (CLC Dean)
Megan Adamczyk, MN State Community and Technical College (MN State Manager)
Jill Carlson, Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union (business representative)
Ellen Haglin, LINDAR/Avantech/Tri-ven (business representative)
Sue Boehland, Retired Administrator/FACS Teacher

Non-voting members
Mary Gottsch, Bridges Executive Director/Brainerd Lakes Chamber

The Bridges Leadership Council members elect a chairperson and vice chairperson to serve up to two, one
year terms. These positions shall alternate each term between business and education.


  • The frequency and date of meetings will be determined by the Leadership Council members but will not
    be less frequent than quarterly.
  • A quorum for the purpose of taking actions at meetings will equal 50 percent of the voting members.
  • Robert's Rules of Order will be used to guide for procedural structure for the Council.