Career Exploration Day

Next event: March 9, 2018

The Bridges annual Career Exploration Day event showcases more than 150 regional high-demand careers with hands-on demonstrations, simulators and breakout sessions.  This year's event will be held Central Lakes College's Brainerd campus in March 9, 2018.

 Thousands of high school students participate in the annual Bridges Career Exploration Day.


The Bridges Career Academies & Workplace Connection was created by the Brainerd Lakes Chamber and it’s Education Association, and Central Lakes College, in partnership with participating school districts, on behalf of our future workforce, in grades 9-12. Currently, funding is provided in part by the following funding organizations: Central Lakes Carl Perkins Consortium Funding, the Initiative Foundation, the National Joint Powers Alliance, the Otto Bremer Foundation, and the Region Five Development Commission. Also see our historical partners.